Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Harmonically layered binaural audio technology is something I recently stumbled upon while surfing the web.On a website I frequent, Finer Minds, I heard about a product called Holosync. The idea is to allow even undisciplined morons like myself to meditate as deeply as a Zen monk without the cumbersome years of dedicated practice. I was immediately intrigued in a big way. In the mid 90's I developed a panic disorder complicated by severe ADHD that savagely threw me off the treadmill of normal life and left me agoraphobic to the point of total disability. Part of my long climb back to the land of the living involved learning to meditate through a series of tapes still advertised to cure anxiety. My clumsy efforts did yield results and I now have a modicum of control over anxiety with the help of modern pharmacology. The meditation definately helped but was certainly not on any advanced level, besides my ears ring and normal meditation is less than fun. The idea of a deeper level through CDs seemed a Godsend. The claims made about this tecnology are huge, from whole bran syncronization, which is how geniuses think, to increased creativity and better sleep. You have to go to the web sites to read them all, it's worth the trip.

So with a healthy dose of skepticism I started investigating available sources for this new technology. Just so you know, I am what some people might call "cheap", I like to think of myself as frugal, either way the up front cost for the Holosync product was more than I wanted to risk. I know, Iknow they have a great money back guarantee but I never return anything. I'll eat a burnt steak instead of telling the waiter I ordered rare. So googling Holosync led me to EOC Institute's web site where Equisync is available, a much cheaper version of the binaural technology. I ordered the first CD, Enlightenment, immediately. I was too cheap to order fast delivery and waited with baited breath for my new life to begin. This was a week ago and I will be reviewing my experience on this blog for the benefit of anyone who might stumble upon it, but mostly for myself.

The Cd must be listened to through a good set of earphones, I use Bose. So far I have mostly listened to it leaned back in my cherry red leather recliner with no distractions and my eyes closed. I try to prepare by relaxing my face, my jaws are where I carry most of my stress. The first time I listened, I listened to the entire tape which has three 20 plus minute segments. The relaxation was wonderful. I was pleased but not yet enlightened. For the next 6 days I listened to at least one segment a day and must say the early results are promising. I have definitely slept better and had much more fascinating dreams, clear and more fluid. I hope to start a dream diary but doubt my resolve. Also, I am less anxiuos for the most part, but just slightly. This may be due to the power of suggestion, I don't know yet. I am not sure about creativity, but this is the third entry in this blog since I started using Equisync and I had not written anything in many, many months, maybe years.

After only a week of using Equisync it is too early to give any real insight, but I am very hopeful and definitely not disappointed. I look forward to each session and will do my best to update my progress regularly. Hopefully the new blogs will be less rambling and more to the point, but either way I hope if you read this you will feel free to comment.

Here's to personal evolution!


  1. Appreciated your review. Equisynch intrigues me too. I'm looking forward to your next report. I am frugal like you and don't have the money. I'll send it back, but it's about cash flow.

    I have worked for years on meditation minimally. I have a mantra, studied a bit, but mind doesn't shut off.

    Thanks again for taking time to share.

    Debbie D.
    Orlando, FL

  2. I'm considering purchasing EquiSync, just wondering if you have an update?

  3. Looks like you were honest about 'hoping' to get back! I'm really interested in this as well. Please let us curious wrecks know how to relax! Thanks! Happy new year!

  4. Hi, any additional feedback on this program? Seems your last post on it was last year. Are you still using it?



  5. Hi, Are you still using Equisync? I would be interested to know as I am considering trying it but am not flush with money and so would like some info as to whether it really works. I notice it is almost a year since your post.


    April 26th, 2011. 17:36

  6. I have two CD's, but it is totally useless there is a guy talking on
    it non stop, which made me even more stressed than without it.

  7. I have all 3 cd's of Equisync and use them every now and than. There is no voice on it, it is all the time sound of heavy rain and dripping raindrops. They did that on purpose, to mask the boring sound of the binaural beats.
    I've found two better methods since I bought this stuff in 2011:
    - go to 'living in magic', there is a beautiful 'deep relaxation meditation'and he has a free demo of 15 minutes. It uses binaural beats + a guided meditation at once.
    - go to 'lifeflow' and check the demo of 14 minutes for free. It uses binaural beats + mono + isotones all at once, mindblowing.

    For sure these beats help. I was burnt-out + had a depression and this got me out. It makes serotonin in your brains and that is exactly what one is missing with such illnesses. Medication mainly prolongates the effect of serotonin, but it does not make it....
    So if you want quickly to get rid of medication, start using your own power and put these headphones on your brains!

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  8. Hello All, I have used Holosync for well over a year straight, then went back to it again and again. I also tried equisync and lifeflow and several other binaural and isotonic and isochronic beats(who invented that word "isotonic?" Is that just a made up name for a sound beat that doesnt exist but gives us hope a new sound technology was invented? Someone ask their doctor or a local scientist what an isochronic or isotonic beat is, and get back to me after the guy picks himself up of the floor. Anyway, I wont say this stuff is useless but I started with Holosync 11 yrs ago and it was out yrs before that...why has no doctor or psychiatrist or therapist ever recommended it to their patient? I'd like to get a group of meditators together to check in together every day on a blog and even have a chat room where we can talk about about our daily meditation but it has to be something fairly different or innovative. Not just the watch your belly rise and fall and count your breathes stuff. Have any of you on this board had any luck, good or bad to help us decide what to buy...or not buy?

    1. You've tried many..which is your preference?